Indexed Universal Life Insurance

A flexible premium universal life product with an indexed feature. An Indexed Universal Life policy (IUL) functions similarly to universal life; however, the client can choose to allocate their policy’s values into a Fixed Account or an Indexed Account. An IUL also supplies a floor that ensures your cash value will not decrease because you are not directly invested in the market.

How does Indexed Universal Life insurance work?

When you pay your IUL premium, you have the flexibility to choose between a minimum and maximum amount. The premium goes in to the Fixed Account where premium expenses are deducted. The remainder has the potential to build policy cash value that can be accessed through policy loans and withdrawals**. This account value is allocated between the Fixed Account and Indexed Accounts based on your instructions.


Key benefits

Why is this important?

Premium flexibility The ability to increase or decrease premiums in the future to accommodate your budget or cash flow needs.
Death benefit flexibility The option to adjust the policy’s death benefit should your life insurance protection needs change in the future.
Builds cash value

Accumulates valuable long-term cash values for future cash needs such as helping fund a child’s college education, paying off your mortgage early, funding a business opportunity or supplementing retirement income.

Tax advantages

Life insurance death proceeds are paid out income-tax free and the IUL policy’s cash values accumulate tax-deferred, an important feature when you consider how taxation can have an adverse effect on your savings growth potential.

Favorable loan feature The ability to access the IUL policy’s cash value tax-free through policy loans allows you to maximize your cash needs without sacrificing valuable life insurance protection. (Loan balances will reduce the death benefit.)

The option to design an IUL policy that reflects your particular needs and situation.

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** Indexed Universal Life Insurance may be subject to the risk that the return on the investment may not rise as quickly as projected. The policy will require monitoring to ensure the policy does not lapse during low returns. Caps and participation rates limit full participation in the success of the market. Fees can increase over time and may eat into the payments made or the value of the cash account.