Gift of Life

The Gift of life policy allows you to protect your child or grandchild in many ways, with protection for a child as young as 15 days old.

There is nothing more important to a parent or grandparent than a child. Watching your little ones

grow, you have high hopes they will always be financially taken care of. The Gift of Life Whole Life

policy is designed to help do just that. At age 25, the coverage increases without the need for a physical exam or additional underwriting. The coverage will continue for the child – regardless of future health,

employment in a dangerous occupation or taking part in a daring or adventurous hobby. Perhaps most important, the Gift of Life policy is very affordable. It’s just $100 per year for $15,000 of protection, and only

$150 per year for $30,000 of protection. If you choose $15,000 of initial life insurance, the amount of protection increases to $25,000 at age 25. The premium for the increased coverage is only $320 per year. If you choose initial life coverage of $30,000,

the insurance protection increases to $50,000

at age 25. The premium for $50,000 of coverage is just $490 annually.

Policy features and benefits:

Issue ages: 15 days to 18 years

  • Affordable premiums
  • Guarantee of future insurability
  • $15,000 or $30,000 initial coverage amounts
  • Automatic coverage increase at age 25
  • Waiver of premium in the event of future disability


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